10 Common Time Management Mistakes – Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Time management – actually I prefer the term “stewardship” as our time is a precious resource that we should approach with a stewardship attitude.

MindTools.com is a great resource for a wide range of leadership and management tools.

They have a good article on time-management (stewardship) that I would recommend to you.  Following are the highlights:

Mistake #1. Failing to Keep a To-Do List

Mistake #2. Not Setting Personal Goals

Mistake #3. Not Prioritizing

Mistake #4. Failing to Manage Distractions

Mistake #5. Procrastination

Mistake #6. Taking on too Much

Mistake #7. Thriving on “Busy”

Mistake #8. Multitasking

Mistake #9. Not Taking Breaks

Mistake #10. Ineffectively Scheduling Tasks

Hope you have a fruitful day today!