7 Questions To Ask Your Leadership Team(s)

Some good questions that should spark a great discussion in your team and keep you headed in the right direction.  These are from a blog post by Perry Noble – click here to read his post.

#1 – What is the next step we need to take in order to stay in step with the vision the Lord has given us?

#2 – What is the ONE THING that we want to happen and need to happen…but it would take a move of God for it to happen?

#3 – Is there any unresolved conflict in this room?

#4 – Is there anything that we need to stop doing?

#5 – Are there any obvious problems that we are trying to deny that simply need to be dealt with?

#6 – Do we know the vision and values of our [organization] and can we recite them from memory?

#7 – Who should we be learning from?

Some good questions.  Also Perry Noble’s site is a great one to read in regards to Biblical leadership.