Put Off – Put On

Well, it is finally looking like spring here in southwest Michigan.  Things are blooming, the birds singing and I had to mow our yard Saturday.

I have been reading N. T. Wright’s book After You Believe.  In one part of the book he has been talking about Paul’s letter to the Colossians.  In chapter three, Paul talks about the things we should “put to death” or to put off – immorality, impurity, and etc.  He then goes on to talk about the things we should “put on” – kindness, humility, and so on.  These things are necessary as we continue to grow in the likeness of Christ.

It struck me that this could very well apply to a team or an organization as well.  While organizations are made up of individuals, the organizations develop their own unique personalities – their own way of doing things.  So it occurred to me that as teams or organizations we have those bad habits that are interfering with us accomplishing our mission.  There is a gap between how we operate and how we should operate.

Sometimes we rest in the fact that the individuals in our organizations are people of character and as a result expect our organization to be one of good character.  Generally true, but not always or completely true.  Have you ever noticed that as individuals that we will do something as a part of a group that we would not do as an individual?  Have you heard of “group think”, “mob mentality”, the “silent lie” and so on?  Sometimes our ethos or culture is such that, as an organization, we have some bad habits – some things we need to “put off”.

So, as a leader – what should your team or organization be “putting off” and what ways of operating should you be “putting on”?  What is the ideal as stated in your core values?  Where are the gaps?  How will you close the gaps?

So – my challenge for you this week is to read Colossians chapter 3 and then to see how it might apply to the team or organization you lead.

Peace & Grace,