Ten Common Leadership Mistakes

I am writing this post from the home of some of our friends in Mississippi on a beautiful cool spring day in the South.

As leaders, we are subject to many of the same or common mistakes that can be easily avoided.  MindTools.com has a good article on ten of those common mistakes that we need to avoid.

Lack of feedback – are you providing timely and beneficial feedback to those you lead?

Not making time for your team – are you regularly scheduling time to meet with your team individually and corporately?

Being too “hands off” – sometimes we disengage too much from a project and don’t give enough guidance to our team and then we are surprised when they don’t meet our expectations.  This is a particular challenge for me.

Being too friendly – sometimes we work so hard at being friends (or being liked) that we forget that we are also their authority.  Are you balancing the social aspect with your responsibilities to also lead them?

Failing to define goals – do your people clearly understand what you want accomplished and why?

Misunderstanding motivation – do you truly understand what motivates your team members?  Are you aware that what motivates one may not motivate another?  Do you know your people?

Hurrying recruitment – when you have a personnel need do you allow the pressure to cause you to rush the recruiting process?  If so, you may be in for trouble.  This is too important to rush!

Not “walking the walk” – Is your life message consistent?  Do you do what  you say and what you expect of others?  Are you a person of integrity?

Not delegating – this is a big one.  Do you delegate?  Do you know how to delegate?  Click here to read a post on delegation.

Misunderstanding your role – the skills and the role of a leader are different than what yopu were doing before.  Have you learned the difference and what is required to lead?

It is a good article and worth reading.

From down South,