Knowing the Difference

Did you know that you truly are different from other people?  Did you know that many other people truly don’t think the way you do?  That they actually have different priorities and goals in life than you do?

We would probably all answer that of course we do.  Scripture and our life experiences verify this as well as a myriad of studies.  What I find too often true in my life and in others, is that while we may give intellectual assent to this, we actually or functionally operate as if others were “wired” just like us.  We expect them to react as we would, we expect them to understand as we do, we expect them to value the same things we do, we expect them to communicate in the same way, to receive rewards in the same way, and so on.

I was talking to a great young leader this morning who is dealing with a challenge on his leadership team.  From what I gleaned from our discussion, one of the key issues (not the only one), is that there is a major difference in personalities on the team.  the various temperaments and skill sets are needed, but the differences are getting in the way.  It sounds like a next step for them is an honest discussion of how they are uniquely wired by their Creator and to begin the process of valuing those differences and learning how to use those differences to make a stronger team.

This young leader knows these things, but actually implementing this is very hard work and messy – but oh so necessary.

How about you?  Are you really valuing the differences on your team and utilizing them to make your team stronger?  Or are those difference an irritant to you and acting as “sand in the gears’ of your team?

Have a blessed week!