10 Steps to Rebuilding a Healthy Schedule

Energy management (personal energy that is) is a very important aspect of a healthy life for all of us, but especially for those called to lead others.  This morning I came across a great article by Joe Thorn on his blog site.

Following is a brief excerpt from his post.  I would recommend taking the time to read his entire post.

Following are ten things he did to rebuild for himself a healthy schedule – it is good advice.

1. Establish roles, priorities and goals.

2. Let some things go.

3. Schedule everything.

4. Create boundaries.

5. Turn off my cell phone when I’m with the fam/wife.

6. Kill social media updates and notifications. 

7. Organize and manage my email.
8. Get feedback and input on new schedule/boundaries from wife, coach and elders.

9. Give it time. 

10. Anticipate surprises/interruptions. 

Managing your time is critical to long lasting effectiveness – you are the steward of your time, so use it well.