A Key Ingredient to A Fulfilling Life

One of the most important keys to a successful and fulfilling life is friends.  We are not made to walk this journey alone – we are made for and need others.  True friends are priceless.

Gordon MacDonald covers this beautifully in his book – A Resilient Life.

Today it is hard to focus on writing.  Two dear friends who have been our mentors are walking through a hard time.  These two wonderful people have loved us, taught us, guided us, and encouraged us.  We are what we are, is in a large part due to their input into our lives.

Today though, they are at the hospital as the life support is turned off for their 44-year old daughter this morning.  She had an aneurysm earlier this week.  We had just had lunch with her and her parents only a couple of weeks ago while in Mississippi.  She leaves behind two teenage children after having been divorced just a few months ago.  I cannot imagine what these children are going through.

Fortunately, all of them have a deep and abiding faith in our Lord.  So, if for some reason they come to your mind today, would you pray for them?

Friends are precious.