Seven Life Management Best Practices

Well, it is a beautiful morning here in southwest Michigan and it has been a great weekend with my family. Having made some changes in my life, I have found greater fulfillment and, even more importantly, my family is healthier and stronger.  More of my weekends are now centered on my family and other key relationships.  I have changed many of my life management habits and have grown stronger as a result.

Greg Salciccioli talks about this in chapter 4 of his book, The Enemies of Excellence, 7 Reasons Why We Sabotage Success.  In chapter 4 Greg talks about how bad life management habits often derail so many leaders.  I know that to be true for myself.  While I wasn’t “derailed”, I was much less effective, less fulfilled and frustrating my family.  I made changes which were hard at first, but have been some of the best decisions I have made yet.

Following are seven best practices Greg has identified – see which ones you might need to incorporate into your life:

Establish work boundaries.

Schedule vacations and personal planning times a year in advance.

Invest mornings in uninterrupted, high-priority activity.

Engage in daily exercise, providing emotional and mental relief as well as energy replenishment.

Use the afternoons for management, including meetings, phone calls, and e-mail.

Guard evenings and weekends for relationship connection and peraonal enjoyment.

Invest in outside insight from mentors, coaches, and trainers focusing on personal and professional growth.

Personally, I have greatly benefitted from implementing many of these practices into my own life and my life and that of my family is much richer as a result.

Making these changes is not easy, but it is worth the effort.

Grace and peace to you,