One Way to Transform Your Work Day

Are you really satisfied with how your workday flows?  Do you have times of replenishing your energy throughout the day?  Are you energized at the end of the day or depleted and dreading getting back on the treadmill the next day?

Tony Schwartz, who consults with many Fortune 50 companies, is focused in this area of personal energy stewardship / management.  Check out his two sites, and The Energy Project, for some great articles, tips and tools to help you manage your energy.

One key way to help transform your workday is to simply take back your lunch. Too many of us see our lunch time as simply more time to work on projects instead of a critical time to take a break, eat some nutritious energy giving food, and to pause and refresh our minds.  As Christians, it can also be a time of reconnecting with the Lord in the midst of a busy day.

So today – take back your lunch and become more effective in your ministry.