7 Questions to Ask Your Boss

As a leader, you are on a path of continuous growth and we need the input of others to develop well.

One of those people who can provide you valuable input is your boss.  I am not talking about an evaluation sort of thing, but of you being intentional and going to your boss and asking him or her some very specific questions about some key aspects of your role.

James Kouzes and Barry Posner in their excellent book, A Coach’s Guide to Developing Exemplary Leaders, give a list (one of many!) of seven questions to ask your boss to help determine how well you are in regards to “Modeling the Way” or setting the right example for your team.

So try asking your boss these questions:

“How well do my actions align with the organization’s goals and strategies?

How well does my performance align with the vision?

How well does my performance align with the values?

How well do I strengthen [constituent] relationships?

How do my actions affect others’ performance?

How well do I reinforce what we stand for – Model the Way?

How well do I demonstrate my personal commitment to team members?”

Some good questions that ought to be revealing and very helpful to you as you grow as a leader.

Have a great weekend.