Six Types of People You Need

June 21, 2011

Diversity on your team / within your organization is a good thing and necessary to build a strong organization. However, we tend to gravitate to those like us and that think like us which makes for a weaker team. We also tend to avoid those who might challenge our thinking – much to our detriment.

1 Corinthians 12:12-27 talks about the wonderful diversity of the body of Christ and our need for each other. Paul beautifully describes how we don’t truly operate as individuals, but as members of a body – dependent on each other.  He also points out that we are very different and that is by the design of the Lord – so it is a good thing.

Guy Kawasaki, in his book Enchantment, describes six types of people you need:

The Advocate – this person is the champion of those that you serve, looking out for their interests.

The Skeptic – this person is the one that challenges ideas to make them better. Do note that the skeptic is not a cynic.

The Visionary – This person has a clear idea of how you need to move forward in your area of service.

The Adult – this person is the one that makes things happen in an efficient, cost-effective, and legal manner.

The Evangelist – this person sells the vision internally and externally.

The Rainmaker – this person is the one that closes the deal.

I am sure you can think of other roles you may need within your organization.  The point is to recognize your need for these different types of team members, recruit them and then utilize them to make your organization stronger.

Have a great day today!