Is It Really Worth It?

Are the long hours, negative stress, lack of sleep, being out of shape, being irritable with those you love the most really worth it?  Is that really a God-honoring way to live and work? Tony Schwartz has a good article on the Harvard Business Review blog asking if the way you’re living is really worth it. Following is an excerpt:

What toll does it take, over time, if you get too little sleep; skip breakfast or settle for something unhealthy; struggle with a relentlessly challenging commute; attend meeting after meeting with no breaks in between; pump yourself up through the day with multiple cups of coffee or sugary snacks; deal with hundreds of emails that accumulate in your inbox; remain at your desk for lunch if you eat lunch at all; push through fatigue in the afternoon; head home at night feeling exhausted, but continue to check email through the evening; work on the weekends; and limit your vacations to no more than a week or two, if you vacation at all?

Facing ever more demand, complexity and uncertainty, our initial response is to push ourselves harder and more relentlessly, without taking account of the costs we’re incurring.

It’s not good for us, and it’s not good for companies.(or churches and ministries!)

So – ask yourself – is the way you’re living really worth it?  Is it really God-honoring? Or are you simply going with what the “culture” says is the way to prove your value?

Also, check out Tony Schwartz’s site and his book for some good advice on how to live a more healthy life.(Note – you will need to run his thoughts through your Biblical worldview to separate the wheat from the chafe).