Dealers in Hope

Leaders are (or should be) “dealers in hope”.  Do you give hope to those you lead? Do you encourage their hearts? Do you know how?

Following are some thoughts from James Kouzes and Barry Posner’s book – A Coach’s Guide to Developing Exemplary Leaders.

Genuine acts of caring uplift the spirits and draw people forward.

Successful leaders have high expectations of themselves and of their constituents. (a truism I have lived by is that the people you lead meet your expectations of them – be they high or low).

Give personal and meaningful recognitionsometimes all you need to do is say “thank you”.  A personal handwritten note is very powerful and so easy to do!

Celebrate victories together and help foster a sense of community.

Ensure what you preach and what you celebrate are one and the same. (People quickly recognize if there is a disconnect in what you say and what you really value).

Be personally involved.  Leadership is a very personal thing. Leadership is a relationship!

So – go be a “dealer in hope” for those you serve and lead.

Hope you have a great weekend,