Questions to Help You Stay on Track

Staying on track – hard to do for leaders, especially when you are moving fast.  And, as you know, just being a little bit off course can have major consequences down the road.  The problem is, as a leader, getting off track impacts others – not just ourselves.

Robert Kaplan, in the article “What to Ask the Person in the Mirror” suggests asking yourself the following questions:

Vision & Priorities

How often do I communicate a vision for my business [ministry]?

Have I identified three to five key priorities to achieve that vision? If asked, would my employees be able to articulate the vision and priorities?

Managing Time

How am I spending my time? Does it match my key priorities?

How are my subordinates spending their time? Does that match the key priorities for  the business [ministry]?


Do I give people timely and direct feedback that they can act on?

Do I have five or six junior subordinates who will tell me things I may not want to hear but need to hear?

Some good questions – what things do you use to keep yourself and your team on track?

Blessings on your week,