Kill Your Darlings & Improve Your Presentations

Good morning – we are still in the midst of Revival Week here at Life Action and it has been a great week so far.

Presentations – good ones seem rare.  As an adjunct professor in a business school, I have the opportunity to practice giving presentations quite often.  The students also have the opportunity to evaluate my presentations and as I teach graduate students, they are not too bashful about speaking their minds! So I have learned a few things.  The big thing is that taking away is better than adding to when it comes to presentations.  Less is more as the saying goes.

The Harvard Business Review blog has a good post on this subject that is well worth reading about “killing your darlings” to improve your presentations – if you make presentations it is well worth the read.  Also check out Nancy Duarte’s site as well as Garr Reynolds for some great tips.

Have a great Wednesday!