Just Getting By vs. Passionate Work

Are you just getting by in your work?  I know that many of us are just happy to have work in the current climate, but it is such a sad thing to see people working away just getting by and with no passion.

I have the privilege of teaching as an adjunct in a small MBA program.  I often hear the students sharing their woes about their jobs and many have a distinct lack of enthusiasm about their jobs.  At this last class I saw a distinct difference.  It was project presentation night for the class.  It is usually a class I somewhat dread as I have to listen to multiple presentations that are usually given by people who really don’t want to be sharing.

Monday night was different – their project assignment was to develop a non-profit organization to meet a real need in their communities.  The class took this to heart and what i heard Monday night was five very good presentations given by passionate people.  They had identified something that mattered to them and had developed credible solutions.

My question is why go back to the mundane?  Why not take on the challenge – the adventure of making a difference in the lives of others?  Why not live a life of passion changing the world instead of grinding away at something that steals the joy from your daily life?  What’s stopping you?