Looking Back – A Perspective on Decision Making

August 29, 2011

What is your perspective on decision-making?  For most of us, it is tends to be the impact on our short-term future.  What if there is another way of viewing our decision making?

What if we view our decisions through the lens of legacy?  Or what will our decisions look like when years after we have made them (or not made a decision) and we look back on them?  What will the legacy of those decisions be? What will have been the long-term impact or implications f our decisions?

In an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review blog ART MARKMAN talks about a different view of decision making.  For those further down the road in life, their regrets tended to be on the decisions they did not make – the opportunities they missed due to fear.  What decisions are you not making due to fear that you will regret later in life?

Think about it – what do you want your legacy to be?  What decisions do you need to be making today that will create that legacy?