What TV Do You Need To Unplug?

In an article, Jim Collins the author of Good to Great and other books, relates how he had to unplug his TV in order to meet his reading goal.  As long as he had availability to his TV, it kept him from his more important goal of reading.  So he unplugged his TV and his reading got back on track.

As leaders and as organizations, we often have things that are a distraction to our core mission or purpose. What is hard is that often these are good things – just not best things.

So Jim Collins recommends creating a “Stop-Doing List“.  In fact, he argues that it is more important than your to-do list.  So take some time and ask yourself – what are the things that I do (and often enjoy) that are robbing me and my organization of the focus, time and energy that could and should be applied to more important activities?

Do you spend too much time surfing the Internet, maybe telling yourself that you are doing research?  Do you spend too much time in front of the TV telling yourself that your are just “chilling out”? Do you spend too much time in unproductive meetings? Do you allow yourself to be constantly interrupted by e-mail?

What s keeping you and your organization from being what God called you to be? What do you need to “stop-doing”?