Investing vs. Spending Your Life

Good Monday morning!

A question for you – are you investing your life so that it continues to produce “returns” long after you are gone or are you just “spending” your life to get by? Are you involved in something and giving your life to something that is far greater than yourself?

My personal journey is “bookended” by times of service.  After college I served as an officer in the US Army.  A great time of serving that God used deeply in my life to grow me.  Then listening to the collective wisdom of the group we know as “they”, I listened when “they” said I needed to pursue a career in industry.  So for many years, I worked in the corporate environment where I learned much, but had no passion for what I was doing, but I was on the path that “they” said was the right one.  Finally, the Lord called me into full-time ministry and I am now again serving something far greater than myself and with purpose.

There is a great deal of difference between serving and working.  Which are you doing?  Now let me be clear, you can be serving and be working in the corporate world – it is about your focus and Who you are seeking to glorify.  I have some friends who are making a great impact for Christ through business – they have the right focus.

So back to my question – are you investing your life or just spending it?