Intentions vs. Actions

On Wednesday mornings about thirty of our leaders gather together for breakfast and to learn together what it means to be a leader in our ministry.  We have had some great times from learning how to lead a meeting to a study of Proverbs to reviewing the book Good to Great.

Yesterday we dealt with the subject of intentionality.  Being intentional about self-care in all aspects of our lives.  Spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, relationally, and so on.  We all have desires to grow and flourish, but rarely are we intentional about what is needed to grow.

We asked ourselves a few questions:

How is your joy quotient?

Are you really satisfied with your physical health?

Are you getting enough sleep?  Are you rested each morning?

Are you on track with your spiritual growth plan?  Do you have one?

Are you satisfied with the health of your key relationships?

Is your computer (email) your tool or is it your master?

As we talked, I realized that intentionality is important, but we have to be people of action.  We have to do the thing we need to do and do it now – start now.  Having good intentions, knowing we need to do something, desiring to grow are all great and are the first steps, however, without action nothing happens.

So just go and do what you need to do – start today.  Don’t wait until you “feel like it”, don’t wait until Monday to start, don’t wait until the weather is right or whatever delaying tactic we might have (starting next Monday is my favorite!), just go do what you need to do!

Change & change those around you for the glory of God.

Blessings on your day,