Four Traits of a Leader – Trait Number 1

Good Monday morning to you!  It has been an extraordinarily beautiful few days here in Southwest Michigan.  Mild weather and the trees are beautiful!!

Now – to the topic at hand – what do you consider to be the key traits of a leader?          Dr. Crawford Lorritts has altered my list through his teaching and especially through his book, Leadership as an Identity (I have written on his book before – click here).

This week, we are going to walk briefly through what he considers the four traits of a leader.

Trait number one – Brokenness.  Bet you weren’t expecting that one!  I wasn’t.  A leader is supposed to be broken?  Really??  Aren’t leaders the ones who are supposed to have it all together?  Confident and bold in their abilities?                     Well – not really.

First – we need to realize that we have a desperate need for God – especially as leaders. Check out the book of John, Chapter 15.  “I am the vine . . . apart from me you can do nothing.”  Notice that word nothing?

Secondly surrender is our response to our brokenness and demonstrates we always and forever need God.

Thirdly, a broken person realizes that they are capable of sinful failure.  That we are only one decision away from losing the ability to lead.

Fourthly, when we are weak – He is strong.  What we see as limitations He often uses to bring glory to Himself.

And finally, there are seasons of brokenness. These seasons come in different forms for different leaders and are so important – especially in how you respond to them.               Dr. Samuel Chand remarked, “No leader walks with a strut – the always walk with a limp.”

So – are you “strutting” depending on your own talents and abilities, or are you “limping” with an acute sense of your need for the Lord?

Blessings on your week as you shepherd the Lord’s flock.