Servanthood – Leadership Trait 3

Good Monday morning!  I just returned from working with the leadership of a church in east Texas.  There I saw a group of servant leaders.  Men who gladly served others.  Many of these men are the leaders of their own organizations, but they epitomize servant-leaders.  They found great joy in modeling Christ by the way they served.  During our time of introduction when I asked them about their backgrounds, they did not talk about their accomplishments or positions (all of which were very impressive), but they talked of Christ and of the people who had made a difference in their lives. I was blessed.

Dr. Lorritts points out that servanthood is not a leadership strategy (as some textbooks recommend), but it is an identity.  It should simply be who you are – how you live your life.

The core character quality from which servanthood flows is authentic humility. If you are not marked by authentic humility, your servanthood will not be authentic. I like Dr. Lorritts’ definition of humility – “It is the intentional recognition that God is everything to you, and that you are nothing without Him. It is the acknowledgment that life is not about you, and that the needs of others are more important than your own.”

Today, serve someone that can do nothing for you in return.  If you can, serve them anonymously. But serve so that you glorify Christ. Remember this point – humilty is a decision.

Blessings on your week,