“some competencies matter more than others”

Good morning – getting cooler up here in Michigan! Being a Southern boy with thin blood, I am not looking forward to that winter weather!  But I am greatly enjoying the fall colors.

The Harvard Business Review has a good article on the competencies you need if you are a senior leader in your organization. For example: “For C-level executives, for example, technical expertise matters far less than the art of influence: you can hire people with great technical skills, but then you’ve got to motivate, guide and inspire them.”  And,”. . . technical skills and self-mastery alone allow you to be an outstanding individual contributor. But to lead, you need an additional interpersonal skill set: you’ve got to listen, communicate, persuade, collaborate.”

Good article – click here to read it in its entirety.

The bottom line is that leadership is all about relationships.

Serving Christ,