Leadership Lessons from Pastor Bobby Moore

Pastor Booby Moore and his precious wife are now with our Lord.  Pastor Booby was one of those gracious men whose walk with Jesus was so intimate that when you met him, you just felt the presence of Christ.  He was a wise man who finished well – one of those men whose faith was growing ever more vibrant the closer he got to going home.

Pastor Bobby spoke at Life Action one time about Leadership Lessons Learned Along the Way.  Following are a few of these lessons:

  1. My personal devotional life is foundational to and more important than my public ministry.
  2. Faithfulness is more important than success. God is more interested in faithfulness than accomplishments. A person’s work is successful if the test of time and the Judgment Seat of Christ reveals it to be a work of faith . . . a work of the Spirit . . . a labor of love . . . and a work done for the glory of God
  3. Don’t let discouragement enslave you.  Encourage yourself in the Lord and encourage others.

Some good lessons and advice.

Go encourage someone in the Lord today.

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