One Key To Thriving

November 14, 2011

Are you thriving in your leadership role?  In your life?

There are several things that are necessary for you to do so.  These past few days I have been reminded of one of the key ways to ensure that we thrive – deep relationships.

This past week I have been back in my hometown area for some meetings and have had the chance to visit again with some of our dear friends.  I am somewhat of an introvert so I don’t have a huge number of relationships, but the ones I do have are deep.  This time with those dear friends of many years has been life giving to me. It has brought alive what I have read in many, many books on spiritual growth and leadership and that is the necessity for deep relationships to thrive as we are not meant to live this Christian life in isolation.

Treasure and nurture your friendships – they are key to your growth as a Christian and as a leader. Be intentional this week and reconnect with one of your treasured friends – you will be blessed.