Healthy Rhythms in Life

Good morning. Do you ever get frustrated when you know there are important relationships that you should be caring for, but just don’t seem to have the time?  You mean to, but it just doesn’t fit in? The problem with this is summed up in a saying I heard a while back, “We judge others by their actions, but we judge ourselves by our intentions.” So while you are thinking that you have the intention of caring for the relationship, the other person is only seeing your actions.

The key is to establish regular rhythms in your life of caring for key relationships.  It is hard at first and you will sacrifice some things, but the payoff is outstanding.  We have set down some things that work for us and are key to keeping our relationships strong.

First, Angela, my wife, and I have a breakfast date every Saturday morning in a neat little cafe in South Bend.  We spend time just talking about the previous week and talking about the future or whatever.  The key is it is OUR time. I give up Saturday morning for projects, recreation and etc., but it is well worth that small sacrifice.

Both of our daughters are still at home, so we almost always have a family date each week.  We all enjoy reading and coffee so we go to the local Barnes & Noble book store, read books, drink coffee, talk and laugh.  It is surprising how important that is to our girls. It also costs to do this, but we see this as a small investment into the strengthening of          our family.

These are just two examples of intentional actions that have become life rhythms that undergird our family relationships.  So, look at how you may strengthen your key relationships through establishing regular rhythms in the flow of your life. The change won’t be easy at first but, you will be blessed by the results.