What Would It Look Like?

I hope you had a great time of Thanksgiving yesterday.  We had the pleasure of some guests as well yesterday.

Now begins that mad dash towards the end of the year.  There will be Christmas parties, company coming over, shopping, special Christmas programs at church and so on.  Not to mention that you still have your work to do – just less time to do it this month.  That could add up to stress.

Maybe it is time to make a decision.  What if you decided to truly make this a time of celebrating the birth of Christ?  What if you decided to simply remove just one or two activities from your calendar and to spend that time in a relaxed setting with your family?  What if instead of rushing around, you took time to meditate on what the birth of Christ means to you, your family and this world?

What would it look like if you decided to not get caught up in all the madness, but decided to take these next days to still your heart and prepare to truly celebrate Christmas?

Blessings on your weekend,