Who is in Your Kitchen Cabinet?

Odd question?  The “kitchen cabinet” is a group of informal advisors for someone – especially a leader.  You may have heard the term used in regards to a president’s group of informal advisors.

The kitchen cabinet does not show up on the organizational chart and often has members outside of the organization. Most leaders have them, but it seems most kitchen cabinets are put together in a very unintentional manner. I also wonder if some leaders are actually fully aware that they have a core group of informal advisors that help them make decisions.

So, I would challenge you to think about who you have that actually helps you make decisions. Are they the right people?  Often we choose people whom we trust and with whom we often agree, but are they the right people?  Often you need people that may make you uncomfortable.  For instance – what about having a contrarian in your cabinet?  Someone that will prevent group think and will challenge your thinking.  They are often uncomfortable, but highly valuable.

As leaders in God’s Kingdom, we need to make the best decisions possible and we know that Proverbs emphasizes the importance of a multitude of counselors. So, be wise in those you have advising you.

Blessings on you during this second week of Advent as we prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of our Lord.