Potential Pitfalls of Leadership

Good morning – it has been a hard evening as last night one of our staff families here at Life Action lost a child in a car accident. If the Lord brings them to your mind, they would appreciate your prayers.

Being a leader in a ministry brings certain challenges and pitfalls.  Following are some of them:

Losing the wonder – when you lose your passion and ministry becomes just a job.  Strive to never lose the wonder about what you have been called to – stay passionate.

Neglecting Relationships – first of all there is the danger of while serving Christ, you neglect your relationship with Hm.  There is also the danger of neglecting your relationship with your spouse and family.  You cannot afford to neglect these relationships – if you do, it eventually leads to disqualification.

Proclaiming truth you aren’t living – is there integrity between your public and private lives? Are you living what you are teaching / proclaiming?  If not – that is a lack of integrity.

So – do you see any of these in your life right now?  If so, what do you plan to do about it?

These are just a few and tomorrow we will talk about a few more potential pitfalls.

Click here to see Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ excellent article on the subject.

Blessing on your day and week.