Is Facebook Making You Miserable?

Quite a question.  Our family enjoys Facebook especially since we have relocated from the South to the Upper Midwest to be a part of Life Action.  It is a great way to connect with old friends and family.  However, there seems to be some downsides to Facebook that an author on the Harvard Business Review blog says is actually making us miserable.

Daniel Gulati says that three things are happening:

It is creating a “den of comparison”.  As Christians, we should be well aware of that danger!

Secondly, it is fragmenting our time.  It has become another distraction and almost an obsession with many robbing time from family, ministry, your job and especially the Lord.

Finally, it seems for many to have become a substitute for close relationships which is detrimental to long-term emotional health.

Facebook in of itself is not a bad thing – what is important is how we allow it to impact our lives.  So, is Facebook and other social media a tool that you use or is it something that has an unhealthy cntrol of parts of your life?

Have a great weekend!