Three Things Great Organizations Know About Culture

Culture is critical and as leaders we are responsible for the culture within our organizations.  In a Harvard Business Review blog post, Deidre H. Campbell lists some things that great companies know about culture.

“They invest more in their employees. The response came back resoundingly: It’s simply good for business. Rather than cutting back or eliminating programs, 30 percent of top-ranked companies are investing more in work-life programs. . . “

“They’re upgrading. Old-fashioned benefits like health insurance, family leave, and flex time ranked only 15 percent when considering most valued HR offerings . . . Instead programs that offer the most stability, as reported by 75 percent of respondents, are those that communicate brand mission and provide career development opportunities.”

“They recognize that culture is critical to talent retention. When asked which elements of workplace commitment most benefit daily operations, companies ranked culture at 80 percent and recruitment/retention at 70 percent.”

Some good points.  What are you doing to strengthen the culture of your organization?