Good Intentions Don’t Count

Well, my last post of 2011 – I think!

I just read Seth Godin’s post for today and it really struck home with me.  Actually stung quite a bit as the truth of it struck home with me.  Click here to read his post.

Mr. Godin mentions some of the various productivity tools that are available to us to improve our productivity – yet our productivity doesn’t improve.  I love to learn and eagerly investigate and learn many of these new methods, yet when I do improve in productivity it is not really a result of these tools.  I improve when I want to bad enough and am willing to do the work.  Usually, as Mr. Godin comments, the reason I don’t improve is that down deep, I don’t want to or I have not been willing to do the hard work necessary to improve.  That is the reason that my three ideas for an e-book are still just ideas, that is the reason my practice is not any bigger than it is, and etc.

At this time of year, many people make resolutions that are not really resolutions – they are wishes.  If they were truly resolutions, the probability of them coming about would greatly increase because we are resolved to do them.

So this new year, resolve to grow in the areas where the Lord has shown you.  And as Mr. Godin often comments – resolve to ship.  Actually create and actually “ship” great work.  Take a chance and do something that changes lives, but do it now.  Don’t let fear stop you from doing what the Lord has called you to do.

Good intentions don’t count – actually “shipping” is what counts. Do something!

I hope that 2012 is a wonderful year of challenges and opportunities for you!  Remember, it is what you do with those challenges and opportunities that counts – it is how you respond that matters.


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