Take Nothing For Granted

Good morning – for many of us it is the first morning back to work in this new year.  I hope you had time to reconnect with those dear to you over the past couple of weeks.  For those in ministry, especially pastors, this is not usually a break, but a much more intense time of ministering to others.  Hopefully you will have a chance to “recharge” soon.

My boss puts our what he calls a Monday Morning Memo to our staff and Board which is a great tool.  Today, he quoted a friend who had quoted someone who had quoted G. K. Chesterton. Lot of quoting going on there!

He said to remember three things this next year:

  • Let nothing be taken for granted. 
  • Let everything be received with gratitude.
  • Let everything be passed on with grace. 
Nothing and everything are all encompassing words, but very biblical.  So, as you move forward through this next year – don’t take anything for granted.  Things can change in an instant as one of our staff families learned this last month when they lost one of their sons in an accident.  Live in the now – be present with whoever you are with at the time – especially your family.
Be grateful in ALL things as Scripture commands us.  Receive all things with gratitude and look for how the Lord will use it in your life – the good things as well as the hard things.  How we respond is often more important that what actually happened.
Pass things on with grace.  Speak grace into the lives of others.  Make a difference in someone’s life.
Hope it is a great day for you today!