The Little Things Matter

Good morning – unusually mild and great weather here in southwest Michigan for this time of year.  As a transplanted Southerner, I surely don’t mind!

Little things matter and I saw a couple of great examples of that this weekend.  Every

Peg at LePeep Cafe

Saturday morning Angela and I have a breakfast date at LePeep Cafe in downtown South Bend.  They have great food, but what we really enjoy is the atmosphere in the cafe.  Lots of light, great seating, nice layout and so on, but it’s the people that make the difference.  One of the small things they do is a huge thing to me.  There is this sweet elderly couple that comes every Saturday morning as well.  Every time the staff seats them, they bring out a very nice and pretty seat cushion for the lady that they keep there just for her.  If the owner, Peg, is there she usually seats them. A small thing, but huge in caring for people.

Angela is also good at the small things.  We were at another restaurant that we enjoy and Angela remembered our server and her story.  She is a recent graduate of Notre Dame about to start her masters program and an aspiring opera singer woking as a server at the restaurant.  Angela remembered her story and that she was supposed to take a trip back South for Christmas.  When Angela asked her about her trip and her life, the young lady’s face just lit up and she shared about her trip to see her family. A small thing, but a huge thing. Angela blessed her by paying attention to her.

Are you paying attention to the small things in other people’s lives?  In your work?  In your ministry?  Sometimes a very small thing can be a very large blessing to someone.  Take time today and notice the small things and do something small to bless someone else.  You will be blessed.