Are You Saying Thank You to the Right People?

Thank You!  Powerful words that express a grateful heart and that bless other people.  Yet, we seem to be a little stingy with their use.  That is sad and I know I personally am quite guilty of not thanking others.  My problem is pride, for some reason I sometimes actually believe that I am deserving of what I receive and there is no reason to thank someone for what they should be doing anyway!  Now, I don’t actually think those thoughts, but unfortunately, I believe that is my heart at times.

When we do say thank you, it is often to those that are most visible, those that might be able to help us in the future, those in power or those with whom we want to curry favor.  We often miss those quiet servant hearted people that work in the background.  We often overlook those whose job is “to serve”.  No need to thank them as they are just “doing their job” right?  Wrong.

Try a little exercise – take 30 minutes one day and just start listing people who have helped you, blessed you, served you or somehow made an impact on you over the course of  your life.  After you make that list, go to the store and get some nice stationary and then drop by the Post Office and get some stamps.  Then bless those that have blessed you.  even if has ben ten or twenty years ago that they blessed you.

Just say Thank You!


One thought on “Are You Saying Thank You to the Right People?

  1. Thank you definitely means a lot. But these days, several words have just lost their true meanings with the rise of social media and texting. Stuff like “I’m Sorry,” “Thanks for being my friends” and so on no longer holds the value and meaning it used to do couple of years back.


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