Are you Squandering Your Most Productive Time of Day?

Good morning from a snowy southwest Michigan!  Our family had a fun time this weekend at the Ice Festival in our little town.  Did not have many of those down South!!

An Ice Elephant

Question for you – how are you spending the first part of the day at work?  What is your focus?  For most of us, the first part of the day is typically the most important as we are freshest, we are more creative, we have more energy, more focus and so on.  So do you use that time to plan, to begin work on an important project that requires sustained thought, to create?  Or do you spend your morning checking out the news, responding to e-mail, checking your social media for posts and so on.  Essentially, you are squandering your most valuable and creative time simply responding to others and allowing the “news” to set your attitude for the day.

Try something different – protect the first part of your day.  Block off the time and don’t allow meetings during that time.  Don’t automatically go first to your email, don’t surf the news site on the web (it’s depressing anyway), don’t go to Facebook or Twitter.  Instead, create something outstanding – use your best time for your most important work!

Blessings on your week!

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