Forget Passion – Find a Problem

Good morning – a foggy and wet morning here with some snow on the way this afternoon.

In a Harvard Business Review blog post Oliver Segovia, a young twentysomething businessman, talks about how his generation was raised to “follow their passion” to do what excited them and met their needs.  He then goes on to talk about ultimately how unfulfilling that path is for them.  That is understandable as at its core that path is very self-centered.

What he advocates is finding big problems and becoming part of the solution.  In other words, become other focused instead of self focused – the rewards are much greater.  Truly making a difference in the lives of others is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your life.

I teach as an adjunct at a local college on nonprofit management.  It was interesting that last night our discussion centered on international organizations that have been and are changing the lives of thousands upon thousands of lives across the world.  They are at the center of the process of improving the lives of people across the globe in a very real way.  Think about this – life expectancy worldwide has doubled in the last 100 years – that is absolutely remarkable!  The thing is, each of these organizations that are impacting people across the globe were started by an individual who saw a problem and decided to do something about the problem. The result – changed lives.

Will you be one of those people?  Find a problem and be part of the solution and find the joy that comes from serving other people.