Are You Taking Care of the Linchpins?

Linchpins hold things together. They are seemingly insignificant and when they are working properly you never even notice them.  However, whenever one of them breaks or slips out of position, things come apart in a major way!

Organizations have linchpins.  They are often the quiet people in the background that most don’t even notice who are quietly getting the work done and holding the organization together. Often as leaders we don’t even realize all that they do for the organization.  We just assume things are being taken care of and often forget the complexity of our organizations and all the things that have to be tended to to make it run.

The thing is, linchpins need care as well.  We tend to notice the high profile staff members, we are quick to ensure our speakers, messengers, executive staff are getting recognized, getting time off, taking sabbaticals, and getting enrichment opportunities.  But what about those linchpins who are serving faithfully in the background?  Often the better they do their job the less they are noticed.  However, they also get burned out, they also desire to see their work recognized and after many years of toiling in the background, they too could use a sabbatical.  Are you taking care of your linchpins?

Look around you and really see who it is that are the linchpins in your organization.  Do they need a little care?

Hope it is a great day for you!