“Is This What You’ve Been Waiting for Your Entire Life?”

Does this describe you?  Do you resonate with some of these statements?

“A year ago I knew I wasn’t happy. I felt the discontent deep inside me. It rattled my bones.

Just one year ago, I knew I wasn’t living a healthy life, I knew I wasn’t focused on my relationships like I should be, I knew I wasn’t pursuing my passions, I knew I wasn’t growing as an individual, I knew I wasn’t contributing to people like I should, I knew I wasn’t living a meaningful life.”

Click here to read the rest of the post on the Minimalists blog.  Some great questions.  Of course as a follower of Christ, a central part of the process is getting before the Lord about His calling on your life – not just our passions.

Maybe this is worth spending a day away to reflect on?