Something is Out of Whack

Why don’t we really take care of our people?

Yesterday, I posted a Ken Blanchard video about the leadership approach at Southwest Airlines.  They are tremendously successful in an industry that is notorious for poor performance  – one key aspect is their deep care for their employees.  Jim Collins in his his book Good to Great talks about the importance of your people and how the great companies truly care for their staff.  Monday night, I talked with my class about a book by a CEO of a $2.5 billion company with 55,000 employees worldwide whose motto is “employees first, customers second” and has seen remarkable growth with that approach.  Story after story of the truly great organizations center around the care of the people that make up that organization.

Yet, it is sad to say, that in many of our churches and ministries, there is significantly less care and love for the staff than there is in these “secular” for-profit companies.  Why is it sometimes safer to be an employee of a large corporation where they do a better job of caring for their people than it is to serve at your local church or ministry? It seems a college football coach has greater job security than the senior pastor of a local church.

Sometimes it appears that the forward thinking organizations have adopted Biblical models of leadership and thriving while so many churches and ministries are mired in the some of the old discredited “business thinking” models of past decades.  Does that seem a little out of whack to you?

Somehow, we need to recapture the biblical model of leadership and care for our staffs within churches and ministries and once again begin setting the standard for how the rest of the world needs to lead and care for their employees.

Just a thought.


One thought on “Something is Out of Whack

  1. Very well said. I’ve come to notice a lack of commitment to the corporation from the employee side as well. I wonder if the typical mindset of Profits, Stockholders, and Power first came first or if the employee only looking out for número uno? Regardless it is all based around selfishness (on both parts). It very refreshing to see a company like SW Airlines doing well. I like their business model in respects to how they treat their customers and employees (regardless of my feelings of their new commercials).
    As for the lack of an employee mindset in churches, I think it also boils down to selfishness on the part of church members, deacon/elder boards, etc.
    This too comes back to the need for a revived church. An additional result of a movement of God will be churches being run from a Biblical mindset and not a business mindset.


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