Show Horse or Plow Horse?

Which one are you? Are you a “show horse” or a “plow horse”?

Our society clearly prefers the show horse, the person that has the outsized personality, the person that has loads of charisma and talks easily.

However, Jim Collins in his book Good to Great, points out that in the great companies, the CEO’s all had a charisma “bypass”. They were all “plow horses” content for others to get the recognition, while they stayed in the background plowing away. They were quick to take the blame when things went wrong and give away praise when things went well. They also were diligent – hard workers that stayed focused. Through their intense humility and tremendous will they built great organizations.

Popular culture elevates the show horse, but it is the plow horse that gets it done. So if you, like me, have had a “charisma bypass” don’t fret. Just keep on plowing and you will make a difference!

Blessings on your day,