No versus Yes

Do you feel harried, frustrated, scattered and wish your life was simpler and more focused?

Could the problem be your choice between two very small but very powerful words?

Often when we say Yes to something, we are speaking out of a desire to please others or out of fear of displeasing others.  We say yes, because of peer pressure or pressure from our culture.  And because of these things when we say Yes, we often are going against the true priorities in our lives and even our convictions. Often our yes comes from a “fear of man“.

When we say No, it is often based on our convictions.  It takes a lot of courage to say No to a good thing that is not the best thing especially.

So maybe, the reason you are harried, frustrated, and depleted is simply because you haven’t learned how to use that tiny word No in accordance with your priorities and convictions.

Make decisions in accordance with God’s calling on your life, your convictions, your priorities – not on the “fear of man“.


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