What is Your Perspective?

Perspective is important.  We all can look at the same set of circumstances and some of us see problems and some of us see opportunities.  Often, if we simply flip or reverse our assumptions, the solution or opportunity presents itself to us.

Think about David and Goliath, you are familiar with that story.  Let’s look at some “facts”.

Goliath: Large & Powerful       David: Small and Weak
Goliath: Heavily Armored       David: No armor, it would not even fit!
Goliath: Huge Spear              David: A sling, a shepherd’s weapon
Goliath: Mature and an experienced warrior.  David: a young inexperienced shepherd.

Now, what if we look at it this way?

Goliath: A very large target.     David: a small, hard to hit target.
Goliath: Slow & weighed down by armor.  David: Fast, agile and evasive.
Goliath: A one shot, shorter range weapon.  David: A multi-shot weapon, greater range with greater accuracy.
Goliath: Only experienced in conventional warfare.  David: An unorthodox method of fighting that would confuse Goliath.

And of course, the deciding factor as we know is that God was with David.

So two questions:

Are you seeing problems / obstacles or are you seeing opportunities?
Are you walking with the Lord and seeking His wisdom or are you trying to do this on your own?

Check out the book ThinkerToys – it is chock full of methods to help you think differently about problem solving.

Blessings on your day as you tackle your giants!

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