Hope or Fear – Which One Do You Share?

Do you give hope to those you lead?  When one of your staff members leaves a meeting with you are they encouraged?  Are they more hope filled?  Do they have more clarity about the mission?  Do they see you as a positive person that is eagerly looking to the future with great anticipation?  Are you joy filled?

Or do they leave a meeting with you filled with a sense of doom and gloom?  Do they leave thinking what’s the use?  Do they leave worried?

As leaders in God’s kingdom, we should be the most hope filled and positive people walking on this planet, filled with joy and sharing that joy that is found in Jesus!

I am not talking about a Pollyanna type attitude where you deny the “brutal facts”, but an attitude that clearly faces the situation and appreciates the possible gravity of the situation. Knowing Who sits on the throne and Who is  Lord of all should be a great comfort to us, fill us with joy and cause us to relish challenges and cause us to engage in being a part of the process of redemption with great energy and hope.

So, be a dealer in hope, give your people a vision of what things can be like – spread joy.  Not doom and gloom.  For we of all people should have hope.