The Board – Some Questions to Ask

Well, I am back in the South today, enjoying sunshine and some warmer weather!

Life Action is having its semi-annual Board of Directors’ Meeting with our annual Vision Gathering after the Board meeting, so I may not be posting much the rest of the week. We’ll se how it goes.

The Board of Directors for a ministry is hugely important – more so than we often realize.  So if you are a leader in a nonprofit ministry, then you need to pay careful attention to your board.  At Life Action we are blessed.  We have godly people from across the country and Canada who are also respected professionals in their field.  First and foremost though is that they love the Lord.  They are people of great character and to the person are humble.

When you go to select your board, ask these questions:

  1. Do they have a heart for God?
  2. Are they a person of character?
  3. Do they have a heart for your mission?
  4. Do they bring needed wisdom, skills and experience to your ministry?
  5. Do they have a servant’s heart?  Are they humble?
  6. Do they have a learner’s heart?  Are they teachable?

Your Board is very important, maybe more than you realize. So be wise about how those you choose!