Do You Have To Explain?

Good morning from beautiful Florida!  It sure is noce to be here after the snow and cold of Michigan.

Question for you – do you ever miss out on good input or counsel because you are too busy explaining yourself?  I found myself doing that yesterday.

We have a tremendous Board of Directors.  Godly and wise people and we only have so much of their time each year.  Of course they don’t have all the context they need when talking with us (staff) and there is not enough time to catch them up on everything.  So, sometimes they are making suggestions we have considered or already or doing and so on.  So at times I found myself “defending” or explaining things that ate up precious time and really did not add to the meeting.

I should have simply accepted the input without feeling the need to explain. I would have been blessed by that, it allows the Board more time to give input and feel more valued and so on.

Do you ever miss out on great counsel, great conversation and etc. by wanting to “explain” yourself?  For me, I believe that actually falls into the area of “image management”.

So don’t miss out on great input from others by talking when you should be listening or managing your image when you should be taking n counsel so that you may grow.