You Need More than Creativity

Innovation!  Creativity!  Think outside of the box!!!

Innovation particularly is the buzzword of the day.  It seems to be the silver bullet that organizations seek to solve their challenges.  It’s the cool word to have on your resume and all the “cool kids” are innovators.  But is that all you need?

According to Jim Collins in his research in his book Great by Choice – No!  In fact in his research some of the great companies were less innovative than the comparison companies.  Why? What is missing?  Discipline.

Collins says, “Of course, it is not discipline alone that makes greatness, but the combination of discipline and creativity. . . The great task, rarely achieved, is to blend creative intensity with relentless discipline so as to amplify the creativity rather than destroy it. When you marry operating excellence with innovation, you multiply the value of your creativity.”

Being creative is great and needed, but virtually useless without the discipline to execute or deliver.  In fact, according to Collins, Intel’s number one core value is discipline.

So, develop a culture of disciplined thought and action and then add the creativity for a powerful combination.