Do You Limit Yourself Unnecessarily?

Be – Know – Do is the Army’s leadership system in three brief words.  It is a powerful and proven system.  In ministry, we focus on the Be and seem to give scant attention to the Know.  It seems we are often behind in our understanding of how best to lead an organization and how to increase its effectiveness.  This is a stewardship issue in my eyes.

As people in ministry we often focus on the Be and rightly so.  However, I have noticed, that we often stop right there.  Even though God’s Word speaks highly of good workmen, it seems we often avoid good organizational tools as we tend to think they are “corporate” or “worldly”.  I agree that a church and ministry are unique and should not be run like a business.  A quote I particularly like is “While a ministry should not be run like a business, it should be run in a businesslike manner.”.  However, we do have an obligation to be continually learning how we can better lead and operate our organizations for greater impact in the Kingdom with greater stewardship of the resources and people who have been entrusted to us by the Lord.

Just because a tool, system, or whatever is used by a business does not make it “unclean”.  It may simply be that it is a good tool.  Tools are amoral, it is the manner in which they are used that is important.  A hammer can be used to destroy or it can be used to build homes and churches.

We, as leaders in ministry, need to be continually growing in our effectiveness and continually working to make our organizations more effective.  Don’t limit yourself from the use of good tools simply because someone has labeled them “corporate”.  It is the motivation behind their use and how they are used that matters.

Get better this week!  Learn and grow!


2 thoughts on “Do You Limit Yourself Unnecessarily?

  1. This is a great reflection and while I can’t speak first hand about the struggle, I can imagine what you’re saying is true. It’s a gray area of organization and leadership to do good versus becoming too much like a business. Great post!


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