How do You View People?

Good morning on a beautiful spring morning – sunshine, but a little nippy here in lower Michigan.

Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to a powerful book that is very challenging.  One of its key questions is how do you look at people?  It is a secular book, so I will put my twist on it a bit.  You can essentially see people in one of two ways – as unique individuals created in the image of God with aspirations, challenges, burdens, joys, and potential.

Or you can see them as tools to get things done, obstacles, irritants, burdens, interruptions to your work or just plain problems.

The thing is, down deep, most people have some understanding of how you view them and react accordingly.

So, today – will you see people as unique, wonderful and flawed creations of God or will you see irritants or interruptions?

How you choose to see people profoundly affects how you lead. Try to see people as Christ sees them and loves them.