Why Just Saying Thank You Is Not Enough

Expressing gratitude is important in all areas of our life beginning with Christ.  As you know, and I posted earlier, it is something that is important in your interactions with others.  Today, let’s talk about those you lead and how you express appreciation.

As the title says, just saying thanks is not enough.  Especially if it a broad thank you and most especially if it is part of some sort of “program” to motivate or express appreciation to your staff. Sending a big thank you via email to a team or the entire organization just does not cut it.

For an expression of appreciation to have an impact on people you need to remember the following:

1. Recognition and appreciation must be individualized and delivered personally.

2. Appreciation must be viewed as valuable by the person.  In other words, you need to express appreciation in their “love language”.  Do you know what best speaks to your team members?

The lack of expression of appreciation by leaders to their team members has been found to increase the likelihood that the team members will “burn out”.  People need to know that they are appreciated by those that lead them.

Truly appreciate those God has entrusted to you.  They are a gift and a blessing to you.  Take the time to say thank you to them in a meaningful way that is sincere and speaks to their love language.  Again – take the time!

Blessings on your day!